It’s true—lots of people talk about Rachel. Here’s what some of them said:

“Rachel captures beautifully each nuance of the child whilst still adding her own magical touch. We were totally blown away… I couldn’t stop looking at it for the first day that it arrived!”

Alexi Lubomirski, fashion photographer and dad

“Rachel is a rare talent. She brings and has an earthy breath to her work that makes the viewer actually feel her subject’s presence. I had Rachel create not one, but two, masterpieces for my deploying husband. He gets to see an incredible rendition of both of his daughters and their spirits in his time away from them. That is priceless and we are forever grateful for her artistry brought to our home and lives forever. I love how we got to capture a piece of our daughter’s specific history and solidified a true moment in time. We love you and your work, Rachel! So much gratitude for this gift of her art in our lives.”

—Rebecca Sweeney, artist, coach, and mom

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