As a child, Rachel had artistic inclinations:
“I recall crayons. Fondly.”

Born in Baltimore, Maryland, Rachel Chamberlain is an artist specializing in portraiture and abstract painting.

Rachel credits her free spirit and individuality to growing up an adopted only child. Growing up with a lack of ties to her heritage or biological family led her to seek meaningful connection to people, not only in personal relationships, but through the canvas. This is especially evident in her portrait paintings. In these works, her goal is not photorealism but instead a focus on deep connection between the subject and the recipient of the portrait. Always inspired by texture, color, and form, her abstract work harnesses an energy culled from emotion and a refined aesthetic. 

A former fashion and illustration student at the Savannah College of Art & Design, Rachel now resides in the mountains of Utah, with her husband Dave and their four usually wonderful children.


  • “Rachel is a rare talent. She brings and has an earthy breath to her work that makes the viewer actually feel her subject’s presence.”

    artist, coach, mom

  • “Rachel captures beautifully each nuance of the child whilst still adding her own magical touch. We were totally blown away… I couldn’t stop looking at it for the first day that it arrived!”

    fashion photographer